Mission:-   Help provide the community of testers with access
               to free test automation solutions

Qantom.org is the 'not for profit' division of Qantom software. Qantom.org is the code name for a series of products geared towards test automation. It is an attempt to provide the tester community with free test automation solutions.

Qantom.org family now has three products,

  • DOR Parser - A revolutionary concept that allows the use of a centralized xml based repository for ‘Descriptive programming’ of Quicktest scripts
  • XML Repository Manager - A .NET based tool for managing XML repositories, this application is a perfect complement to the DOR Parser.

  • WET :- WET is a framework for Web automation testing. WET is released on a Opensource license by Qantom. WET has many features like multiple parameter based object identification for more reliable object recognition, support for XML Based Object Repository and more. 

Thanks for stopping by! Please use the wish list page to drop in your suggestions about ideas for test automation solutions.

Raghu Venkataramana,
Founder - Qantom Software Pvt. Ltd.

Special thanks to Shubha for designing this website