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The family has three products

DOR Parser :-  Descriptive Programming using an XML based repository is a revolutionary concept for test automation using Quicktest. Using this concept, test script developers can harness the flexibility of ‘Descriptive Programming’ without compromising on the maintainability offered by object repository based test scripts.

The DOR Parser is the library that plugs in as the liason between Quicktest and the XML Repository.

XML Repository Manager :- The XML Repository Manager addresses the issue of being able to manage the XML OR file. Before the XML Repository Manager was released, the only way to manage the repository was to edit the XML file by hand. The XML Repository Manager presents the user with a GUI to create and edit the repository.

WET :- WET is a framework for Web automation testing. WET is released on a Opensource license by Qantom. WET has many features like multiple parameter based object identification for more reliable object recognition, support for XML Based Object Repository and more.