From time to time, this page will be updated to notify the status of new releases, products and project ideas. Please visit again to learn more about new developments

  • 16th April 2006 - WET version 0.8, a major improvement over the first version is released
  • 1st April 2006  - Qantom Software partners with Thwameva Technologies for WET Development
  • 8th August 2005 - Qantom Software releases first version of WET, a web automation tool to the opensource community under the BSD license
  • March 2005 - St. George Bank, one of Australia's Leading Bank, adopts Qantom's XML Repository Manager, as the preferred automated test-scripting methodology
  • 2nd Febraury 2004 - DOR Parser is the winner Mercury Interactive’s solution of the week. This was the first Quicktest solution that was selected as the Solution of the week.
  • 5th January 2004 - XML Repository Manager released.
  • 15th December 2003 - Evolution of the idea of Qantom test solutions, a family of free test automation products
  • 1st August 2003 - Concept of using an XML Repository for Descriptive Programming rolled out to the Quicktest user community.