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In this page, you can find questions to your non-technical questions. If you have a question that is not found here, then please use the form in the main FAQ page and submit your question.

Why is the software free?
Why do I need a license code?
How can I help?
Is the source code available?

Why is this software free ?
The idea behind Qantom.org's inception was to provide the community of testers with access to free test automation related solutions

Why am i asked to submit a request for license code?
The only way that Qantom.org can acheive its goal is by help and involvement from the community. By asking you to fill in user details, in exchange for a License Key, we can keep an account of who is using the software. This, in turn, helps us to keep you updated of the latest happenings and seek your help for suggestions.

How can I help ?
At this moment, your most valuable help would be to fill in the wish-list and suggest about test automation solutions that may benefit the tester community. In case you already have an implemented solution and would like to share it with the community as a Qantom.org family product, we would like to hear from you.

Can I get the source code for the XML Repository Manager ?
The answer to this question at this moment is unfortunately NO . There are several reasons and the main gating factor is that the Repository Manager uses certain libraries whose source cannot be redistributed freely.

As time passes, our goal is to make all Qantom.org products with their source code freely available.